LILIALEKKER is a contemporary jewelry brand established and handcrafted in Athens. Our enamel workshop is unique for blending materials and aesthetics and is focused in handcrafting works of art from different eras in fine enamel miniature pieces. 

Our jewels intend to carry the same emotional power and artistic meaning as the original works of art. We believe that art jewelry are more than an object of beauty but a statement  that delivers a message and evokes thoughtful responses. We aim to create an emotional bond with the wearer, who is the one showing the art to the world. 

Our brand believes in creative and liberating experiences. We believe in the rendering of an alternate world and we consider LILIALEKKER to be a social impact brand with our focus being on living situations and on inequality. When you purchase a jewelry piece from us, 10% of the profit goes to social causes surrounding food. 

 LILIALEKKER premium enamel jewelry are manufactured with care in Liliana Avrushin’s enamel workshop, a workshop with a 20 year experience in enamel miniature.

 The brand’s name is a tribute to her grandmother whose memory still lives thanks to a precious enamel portrait miniature hung in the living room, much like the exquisite miniature enamel portraits of the 18th century.