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Premium Enamel Jewelry

Jewelry pieces from "Modern Art', "Mother Mary" and "Portrait" Collections, out in selected art stores and gift shops.


Enameling is an ancient practice. The traditional techniques that passed down through the centuries enable today’s artist to use fine particles of glass in place of rare gemstones. The glass is usually applied to metal by dry sifting the powdered glass onto a metal surface. Once applied it is fused to metal at temperatures in excess of 750 degrees centigrade inside a kiln. Despite the fact that each firing takes just a few minutes, it usually takes more than five firings for a design to be completed, since in each firing layers of enamels and design elements are added. 

Enamel jewelry has been around since the 13th century B.C. Since then, it has evolved and branched out, going in and out of fashion as jewelry trends changed.  Enamel jewelry bridges the gap between fine art and jewelry design, blending elements of painting, chemistry, and metallurgy.  Transcending cultures, time periods, and styles, enameling is an art form with an impressive endurance.